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Cadence Palm

A big part of marketing and PR is to have the nous to know what good looks like. In recognition of our long experience in working with the right brands in the leisure and hospitality markets we have often been asked to provide PR and marketing support to venues, celebrities, restaurants, bars and hotels to name but a few.

Great believers in not simply specialising in just one market so we can bring to bear our cross sector knowledge, we also believe in working with the best people to do the best job. Our partners at Palm PR bring extensive skills across traditional, social and online media which complements our own. We also can intermingle our decades of corporate, strategic and sales management and marketing experience to make a heady cocktail of communications services unique to the sector.

Services tailored to the luxury and hospitality sectors include:

  • UK and International Press
  • Events
  • Social Networking and Marketing
  • Digital Communications and SEO
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Sponsorship
  • Trade Communication
  • Profile Building
  • Reputation Management

We also offer a free brand appraisal so we can show how we can enhance the value of your brand while improving your revenue and profits, so do get in touch now.